Welcome to the Peterborough Bird Club

The PBC was formed in 1998 by a small group of local birders and has continued to support local bird watchers ever since. The aim of the club is to bring together all those with an interest in birds in the area and to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of birds and wildlife. In reality this has expanded to include any shared interest in nature but still focuses upon birds in particular. We also aim raise the awareness among local people and to promote conservation.

Non members are always very welcome to join us at our indoor meeting or on our local walks . Outdoor walks are held most months, with a healthy mix of visits to both local sites and reserves further a field. The current walks can be found on the Outdoor Events page.

Indoor meetings cover presentations on a range of nature related subjects including birds, insects, amphibians, taken from the UK to anywhere in the world  given by photographers, artists, experts from nature charities, as well as the odd club member. Details of the current programme can be found on the Indoor Events page and the location on the Indoor Event Location page

A club Newsletter (Limosa) is also published periodically and distributed preferably by email .

We are a friendly and welcoming club who enjoy nature but also a good laugh and a chat about TV.

Look forward to seeing you at our next meeting