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Site Guides

The PBC area is fortunate in having a large number of nature reserves and other places to watch birds. Some were disused Brick and Gravel pits and converted, others are the remaining remnants of fens. All are worth exploring and some of the better known sites are listed below. 

Look out for details of more sites being added as time goes on.....

Birdwatching Locations
  1. Baston Common & Grummit's Scrape

  2. Baston & Langtoft Gravel Pits

  3. Baston Fen

  4. Bedford Purlieus

  5. Black Bush Drove

  6. Castor Hanglands

  7. Deeping Lakes

  8. Deeping Highbank

  9. Dogsthorpe Star Pits & Tip

  10. Ferry Meadows Country Park

  11. Maxey Gravel Pits

  12. Nene Washes

  13. Orton Brick Pit

  14. Peterborough City Centre

  15. Southey Woods

  16. Old Sulehay

  17. Tallington Gravel Pits

  18. Tanholt Gravel Pits

  19. Thurlby Fen  & Northorpe Slipe

  20. Woodwalton Fen

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